female to male body to body massage in lajpat nagar delhi

Female to Male Full Body to Body Massage in Lajpat Nagar Delhi

Female to Male Full Body to Body Massage in Lajpat Nagar Delhi, Sleep better, be in a good mood and reduce stress

Tantra massage, body on body to revitalize the energies

An oriental massage in which the body regains the harmony of the chakras, through contact with one’s senses and those of others.

This very ancient technique derives from the Indian Tantra doctrine and puts special attention to the awareness of the body, to its sacredness as an envelope that hosts our soul. A ritual that presupposes complete mutual trust, a predisposition to relaxation and contact with one’s own nature and that of others, both for the recipient and for the masseur.

What is the oriental Tantra massage

Through the Tantra massage, the body regains harmony through relaxation and exaltation of the senses. The main intent is to develop a greater awareness both in those who offer it and in those who receive it, improving the mutual mastery of desires and emotions.

It is essential to abandon oneself to the moment of pleasure of treatment, without the prejudices that often surround this practice, associated more with sexuality than with the art of massage.

Actually, tantric massage is part of the sacred rituals of love but it was born to develop the consciousness of our union between body and mind, to awaken our sense awareness, connecting with the spirit and the unconscious. It presents a connection with the fourth chakra of affectivity, the privileged way of the heart.

Experiencing contact, perfumes, sounds, mantras and music, the multi-sensory experience of Tantra allows us to perceive the instant in which we live and the senses in which we are immersed. A tactile stimulation that influences the psychosomatic well-being of Indian massage, alternating decisive energies with meditations and sublimations.

From a parallel but different tradition compared to Ayurvedic massage, Tantra originates from an ancient Indian tradition, in which the image of creation is given by the coupling between the goddess Shakti and the god Shiva. This practice transcends from sexuality, or at least partially does it, to free the vital energies, towards transcendent and spiritual levels of existence, which can also be reached through the body and the art of tantric massage.

How to perform a tantric massage: breath and body to body contact

Tantra maneuvers are not arranged in a specific sequence or manual, but are based on a specific way of massaging and coming into contact with each other, through a strong sensitivity in touch and touch.

In any case, however, massage that follows the principles of Tantra presents some fundamental steps to be respected, both for the masseur and for the recipient; including that of concentrating through breathing, making it deep and stabilizing the beat in unison.

The contact between the bodies must be facilitated, through the hands of the masseur who must remain in contact with the recipient’s body, on which one works with the palm of the hand and with a slight pressure-pressure.

Tantra movements in the massage are performed with a continuous flow of gestures, slips, slight pressures and rubbing on the shape of the body, which are also accompanied by relaxing words or music in the background.

By exploring all areas of the body, the masseur stimulates the legs, arms, feet, back, pelvic area, neck, head, face … with circular and soothing movements. The rhythm and the pressure can vary in the manipulations and in the contact of the body to body massage in lajpat nagar, to promote relaxation – in reality both of those who offer and those who receive the massage.

The tensions are going to melt in a treatment that is also a “hug”, able to open new contacts with their senses. Caressing the whole body, from the most receptive areas to the energy points of the chakras, intensifies the sensation of pleasure and abandonment, throughout the sensory system.

The door to wellness is given by the senses, the sense of touch in particular, which stimulate health and creativity in a constant way. To experience the best of the massage the receiver must be naked, at most covering the areas of the body that are not treated at that time. Even the massage therapist can decide to make contact by keeping most of the denuded skin.

There are also techniques of massage of the genital organs, but should not be confused with sexual practices, but with the possibility of relaxation of the first chakra, which the expert masseur can manage with Tantra lingam techniques for men and Tantra yoni for women.

Massages increase the ability to perceive your body, to stimulate the chakras of the body, from the first to the seventh. These are the centers of energy where the human spirit flows, which must remain in well-being and balance, to arrive at a global harmony between body and mind.

It is important, during tantric maneuvers, to let the energy flow and not to create blocks, since physical and mental rigidity hinder the flow of life and predispose the body to imbalance and discomfort.

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