special massage in delhi

Special Massage in Delhi

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With Relaxing Massage, tense and aching muscles relax. It is a great indication for people with fibromyalgia. Relaxing massage is a technique with lighter touches to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for relaxation.

This form of massage is excellent not only to make the person relax, but also to take cramps or muscle knots. Many people walk with unnecessary stresses in the body without being aware of it. The environment should be calm and the effect can be enhanced with relaxing music and the aromatic synergies indicated for each case.


The relaxing body massage in lajpat nagar brings to the person the well-being, more vigor and will. Because it is highly therapeutic, it helps in the reflection and calms before some activity that gives fear, like a test or speech in public.
Maintains good effects for the rest of the day or for longer. Relaxing massage has a calming effect on the nervous system. In this course the student will learn the technique, the touches and vibrations, besides the practice for perception of benefits in the own body.


Neck pain, torticollis, headache and migraine

Back problems such as low back pain, sciatic nerve pain
Problems with stiffness
Leg and arm pains such as tendonitis and repetitive strain injuries
Muscle injuries and other injuries caused by sports
Problems related to stress
Increased circulation
Relief from Cramps and Bloating
Improvement in breathing
Improves immune system and increases lymphatic circulation
Improves muscle action and recovery
Reduction of anxiety and irritability
Feeling of well being
Increased flexibility
Helps in the removal of toxic substances from cells that are harmful to the body

Course content:

History of Massage.
Movements of Relaxing Massage.
Effects of Relaxing Massage