swedish massage in delhi

Swedish Massage in Delhi

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The Swedish Massage is a therapeutic method of massage and that, in certain situations, can be the solution of relaxation and / or cure, certain.

Swedish Massage – Brief History

It was developed in Sweden by Pehr Henrik Ling in the 19th century. Ling was a gymnast and fencer and researched ancient massage styles, such as that of the Romans and the Chinese, and studied the relationship between maneuver versus speed and intensity of maneuver and what the effect on the human body.

Massage in the West, very popular in Greece and ancient Rome, was practically banished in the Middle Ages because of religious dogmas that saw every form of bodily activity as something sinful. In the East, by the time of Per Henrik Lin, the Chinese and Japanese still preserved their advanced techniques of body therapies, such as Tuina and Anma.

Most professionals attribute to Per henrik Ling the title of “Father” of the Swedish Massage. He rediscovered massage and invented new techniques giving him French designations, such as effleurage, kneading, tapping, vibration, etc., terms and techniques that are still used today.

Swedish Massage – The Technique

Although it is customary to identify it as smooth and shallow, the techniques range from mild to vigorous. Generally, the Swedish Massage uses a combination of long sliding, pressure, percussion and friction touches applied to the superficial musculature. These taps can be applied separately or in combination, depending on the client’s need during the session. In general, they are combined with passive and active movements that soothe and relax the patient and, at the same time, activate the circulation.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Relaxation body massage in delhi and massage for health maintenance are considered Swedish modalities. Its mechanical benefits are increased blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and range of motion.

The main physiological benefit of this massage is the expulsion of lactic acid from the muscle fibers. It is very useful for athletes and people with muscle pains due to tension.

It can be said that the physiological effects of Swedish massage are evident in all organic systems, such as the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive system and fundamental in the regulation of the organism.

In details:

tense and sore muscles relax and become more elastic;
the connective tissue becomes more flexible and acts not to leave scars on the muscles after an injury;
increases blood circulation and transport of oxygen and nutrients to muscles;
relieves cramp;
increases lymphatic circulation and improves the immune system;
helps to eliminate toxins, especially lactic acid;
relieves bloating;
improves breathing;
normalizes blood pressure;
improves muscle function and recovery;
has a relaxing effect on the nervous system;
reduces stress;
improves the digestive system;
provides a relaxed sleep;
quickly recovering repetitive strain injuries, such as tendonitis;
help people with fibromyalgia;
increases the knowledge of the body.

Although I do not practice this type of massage techniques, I always like to study and share. Knowledge does not take up space!