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Aromatherapy Body Massage

It has been known since ancient times that the use of essential oils extracted from plants in aromatherapy triggers sensations and affects not only emotional but also physical state of the body. The massage combines the senses of touch and smell, penetrating the essential oils through the skin, as well as inspiring them during massage.

Aromatherapy massage, which uses natural vegetable and essential oils, relaxes stressful muscles more effectively or tones them, eliminates insomnia, relieves stress, gives spiritual and physical strength, improves the functioning of many body systems. It is a wonderful tool for stress, it not only soothes the nervous system but also improves blood circulation. Thanks to the unbelievably penetrating odor, you quickly feel bored, relaxed and refreshed.

Aromatherapy massage effect:

  • relaxes muscles;
  • stimulates metabolism;
  • nourishes and tones the skin;
  • stimulates the body's detoxification;
  • improves sleep;
  • accelerates recovery processes;
  • reduces various pain;
  • relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress and internal tension;
  • improves lymph and blood circulation.

Massage can not be done at:

  • elevated body temperature, acute inflammation
  • on the surface of the body, skin rashes, multiple carps
  • tendency to bruise (bruises)
  • dilated leg venous or vein inflammation
  • women during menstruation, during pregnancy, during meals

During the massage, only high quality and authentic essential oils are used, which effectively relax or tone the tense muscles, eliminate insomnia, relieve stress, provide spiritual and physical strength, and improve the functioning of many body systems. It is an effective relaxing agent after a hard day of work, soothes the nervous system and reduces stress. Thanks to the unbelievably penetrating odor, you soon find yourself sinking, relaxing, and restoring the inner balance ...

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