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Ayurvedic Body Massage

Ayurvedic massage is a unique feature of the massive drying of warmed oils at different hand movements. It is easy to predict the benefit, knowing that the body of the human body is about 300 million. the pores through which the oil can enter the body. According to ayurveda, there are people of the three dominant physical constitutions. For two of them, dry massage or only the use of oil for mastication of the hands of a masseur often gives a short-term effect. If the human body is dry, it is breathless in the belly, constipation, traumatic joints or spinal cord, dry skin of the body, broken hair or holes in the fingernail, sore limbs, its memory is varnish, short, sleeping poor, etc., it requires a lot of oil rubbing . No one time, though it's better than not having time for yourself. Others who have an excess of subtle element of the fire tend to have inflammatory, allergic diseases, heartburn, eye sight, burning eyes, and want to be cool, so that their dry body gets worse by drying them. Our ancestors, throwing two dry pieces of wood or flint, threw a fire.

Oil massage is not recommended for strongly expressed mucus production when a person is heavily loaded or wet. In this case, massage with body-drying triphale or balleroid powder is very suitable. This massage is suitable for body swelling.

Another extraordinary Ayurvedic massage is the need for calm during massage. I remember earlier, during the classical massage, we discussed all the news, we told them who did what, and so on. Only the meditative transcendental music should sound in the background.

The main thing is not the mastery of massage techniques, but the energy emitted by the palms of the hand, given to God by each of us. In different cultures it is otherwise called - prana, reiki. We use this energy when we cling to the head of a crying baby or rub a broken leg with our hands. The massener's energy is transferred to his desk.

Ayurvedic massage begins and ends with short meditation - concentrating on asking him to use a massage as a healing tool, abandoning any form of the body, age assessment and thanks for the opportunity to help. That is why the masseur's inner cleanness of mind and body is particularly important. This is the satcic, our aspiration and our daily practice. There is only one side effect of ayurvedic massage: when you are warming up, when you are young, relaxation gives you the chance to become dependent on it.

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