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Balinese Body Massage

Balinese massage is a method that uses traditional Indonesian massage techniques. Balinese massage is a relaxing treatment and eliminating muscle pain, bringing physical and mental relief.

Due to the high intensity and effective action, traditional Balinese therapy is one of the most popular massage techniques at present.

Balinese massage technique

What is the uniqueness of Bali massage? First of all, it combines a variety of traditions: from acupressure to Ayurveda, reflexotherapy (foot and hand massage) and aromatherapy to Indonesian (Javanese and Balinese) relaxing massage.

As part of traditional Balinese massage, deep hand treatment is practiced through strong acupressure pressure followed by intense pressure, smoothing, tapping, rubbing and gentle stretching of the skin. A very important element of the Balinese therapeutic system is the use of essential oils (rose, jasmine, bergamot, ylang-ylang, etc.), whose task is to loosen and calm the patient and ensure the proper flow of blood and lymph. The massage takes place most often with the relaxing sounds of the original Balinese music.

After the end of the proper massage, which usually lasts about an hour, it is time to calm down, the element of which may be, among others, the ritual of drinking warming, cleansing, anti-bacterial ginger tea.

Balinese massage is performed on a traditional massage bed or on a soft mat placed on the floor. In the event of any contraindications to the lying position during the massage, the procedure may be performed on a person in a sitting position.

Balinese massage properties:

  • is a deep and intense massage
  • effectively relieves muscle spasms
  • improves movement ability
  • supports the treatment of injuries and injuries that arise during physical activity
  • it is recommended as an element of treatment supporting the treatment and alleviation of joint ailments (occurring after sports injuries or as a result of rheumatic diseases)
  • it deeply stimulates muscle and skin tissue
  • improves blood circulation
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • relieves headaches (also those with a migratory basis)
  • alleviates ailments of the asthmatic and allergic respiratory system - Balinese massage is recommended for both acute and chronic disease states
  • accelerates the body's cleansing process
  • supports the immune system
  • relaxes and regenerates
  • it perfectly eliminates tensions that arise as a result of prolonged stress and anxiety
  • It can be used as part of a therapy to support the treatment of depression
  • is helpful in the fight against insomnia
  • it is safe, it can be used even for children
  • Contraindications to the use of Balinese massage:

  • pregnancy
  • menstruation
  • cardiovascular disease
  • infectious skin diseases
  • fresh adhesions and fractures
  • infections and diseases with elevated body temperature
  • inflammation of the liver and kidneys
  • cancer

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