Renewed with Simran SPA!

Renewed with Simran SPA!

Spa sessions are performed with natural and healing stones, aromatic oils and professional massage techniques along with water. When you come to Simran Spa Center in Lajpat Nagar Delhi, you can choose the type of massage and options you want.

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Hamam Rituals
Revitalizing Pouch-Foam Therapy in Turkish Bath

Feel the natural exfoliation that allows the skin to be renewed and revitalized by removing dead skins from the body in a traditional Turkish bath.

Enjoying Simran Therapy Spa

Realize the purity and cleansing with the rare essences of the lotus flower booster to your hair after the massage and scrub massage from the dead skins in your body in the traditional Turkish bath.

Ottoman Bath Therapy

In addition to the hot foam massage in the traditional Turkish bath, for those who want to enjoy a purifying and cleansing skin, aromatherapy technique helps to accelerate blood circulation. Toxins are removed to give the body a complete lightness.

Foam Massage in Turkish Bath

Enjoy a warm foam massage in the traditional Turkish bath with the relaxing luxury of the power of the water.

Traditional Bath Therapy in Turkish Bath

Experience the luxury of nourishing and purifying sea salt and exfoliating after a special scrub and foam massage therapy in the traditional Turkish bath.

Enchanted Simran Spa Pleasure

Peeling and foam massage therapy in the traditional Turkish bath after aromatherapy massage made with natural oils, hot towel compresses to purify the soul and body, pleasure package for those who want to relax.

Energizing Regenerating Treatment

In the traditional Turkish bath, it provides the opening of the pores, renewing and revitalizing of the skin with green tea or coffee essential renewing peeling. After the massage, you will feel a relaxing therapy with toxin shooter.

Coffee Peeling Therapy

A cleansing therapy that performs sensitively to the excretion of keratin tissue and toxins in the body of natural coffee beans. This therapy, which increases the radiance of the skin, provides physical comfort with the traditional ritual of Turkish Bath while preparing you for the sun. It is especially effective in cellulite problems.

Delightful SPA Rituals
Refreshing Spa Pleasure

The ideal pleasure package for those who want to complete the unique beauty of the massage that relaxes your soul and body with aromatic oils after the coffee peels that purify the toxins in the traditional Turkish bath, revitalize your color and prepare you for the sun.

Time Stops Spa Enjoyment

In the traditional Turkish bath, those who want to reach a smooth skin with the energizing, energizing body mask of Darphin’s moss containing Omega3 and minerals; A perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the rejuvenating deep tissue massage that re-awakens the tissues afterwards, and enjoy holistic care with the pleasure of detox lymph drainage facial massage.

Touch of the Sun Peeling Therapy & Special Massage

Treat yourself to a perfect care … A special massage technique that stimulates and balances the energy centers in the body, and soothing essential oils will make you feel refreshed from head to toe. After the effect of the refreshing power of sea salt peeling applied to your body, hot towel compresses and aromatic oils massage the power of the internal energy to feel the reflection of the skin while the baby’s softness and look to feel the Detox facial massage.

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