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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage - This massage is especially useful for people working on seated work, who suffer from permanent nervous tension, suffering from spinal cord injury.

It is one of the most popular massage therapies in Asia, which consists of massaging deep tissue, exercising joints, strengthening ligaments and tendons. Deep muscle mass helps to eliminate muscle tension caused by false posture, spinal pathology, or nervous tension. It also has a well-functioning joint system: improves joint blood flow, passive movements, stretching exercises that affect not only joints, but also ligaments, tendons and muscles. After massage, relaxation and tranquility are felt, so this massage is designed not only for the body but also for the blessings of the soul.

Massage benefits:

  • bioelectrical parameters of the cerebral cortex are improved,
  • increased irritability of the nervous system
  • improves all skin functions,
  • improves muscle sprain and all muscle functions,
  • muscular pain, swelling and stiffness caused by stressful work,
  • helps to restore the function of the tired muscle, increase its working capacity,
  • increases the range of joints and strengthens the tendons,
  • affects the blood and lymphatic system, accelerating both the blood and lymph flow,
  • reduces blood pressure and improves metabolism.

Massage equipment:

  • massage is very fast, places are slower;
  • Using the wrists, the arm and arms are massaged deep muscles and returning the state of the previous connective tissue;
  • Extremely high attention is paid to painful, muscular contractions, such as a stiff neck and upper back, tight shoulders, and muscle of the lower back and legs under constant tension;
  • massage the whole body apart from the abdomen.

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