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Foot Reflexology Massage

It is said that the foot is a mirror of our body, reflecting the activity of each organ and its disorders. Many ancient civilizations knew this as the equivalent of modern reflexology therapy.

Reflexology is the stimulation of certain points in the foot in an attempt to positively affect the corresponding area or organ of the body. Strong and accurate clicks massage the reflex points in the foot, divided by the energy flow zones in the body, not only relaxing and revitalizing tired legs, but also positively affects the entire body state.

Reflexology massage reduces tension and stress, improves blood circulation, is performed regularly to help maintain flexibility, well-being and even reduce the symptoms of some ailments. Foot massage is especially needed for those working in mental work. Let yourself enjoy the inspiration and help you regain the power of massage effect!

Massage effect

  • foot massage will help blood and lymph circulation;
  • backbone;
  • digestive system;
  • vision;
  • nose and throat diseases;
  • general relaxation;
  • free up the swelling of the feet and all the legs;
  • the power of the energy lines restores the energy system;
  • help to physically and emotionally relax;
  • preserve and enhance the vital energy of the body;
  • normalize sleep;
  • remove muscle tension;
  • activate blood flow;
  • to strengthen immunity;
  • increase body tone;
  • relaxes tired feet;
  • reduces leg pain;
  • strengthens the intussusception of the limbs;
  • reduces stress, eliminates fatigue.

Massage technique

Massage is used for many point clicks. Movements in the feet and legs. Handled with palms, fists and fingers. Attacks with mild pressure, stimulating various reflex zones located in the foot. Based on reflexology, each foot zone corresponds to a specific organ, gland or part of the body. The specific binding of these zones makes it possible to identify the tensions and restore the balance of the respective parts of the body. Reflexology frees up the body's ability to self-help, which helps to escape from all sorts of troubles.

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