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Hot Stone Body Massage

Peace ... candlelight ... relaxing music ... massage with hot stones.

It is an ancient relaxation and treatment method. Everything young is a well-forgotten old man. In ancient civilizations, it was believed that stones possess power. The ancient Romans and Greeks used hot stones in medicine, and the Indians believed in the power of stones.

The massage is done with basalt stones, which are formed in volcanic eruptions, solidifying magma. The stone that was born on earth, chiselled with water, sun and wind - is a source of natural energy. Taking into account the individual feel of each person's temperature, the stones are heated up to 50 degrees.

The warm rock energy, supplemented with an aroma of essential oils, creates a mental and physical balance. Also, stones are located between the toes, the feet, and the palms, because there is a lot of receptors there, in this way the inner strength of the stone reaches the entire body. At the end of the massage, colored semi-precious stones are applied to the energy chakras.

Hot stones massage has an excellent therapeutic effect - it removes stress and tension; Improved blood circulation and metabolism - faster metabolism and breakthrough products. The peripheral and central nervous systems are also favorably affected. Hot stones massage also removes muscle pain, increases skin tone and elasticity, enhances fat and sweat gland secretion, cleans pores and removes glutinous. Negative energy is also neutralized.

The duration of the massage is 60 minutes, but before leaving we recommend that your clients continue to stay with us in order to enjoy the massage effect.

The effect of stones massage has been known for many millennia and it is believed that the first hot stones massage was started by Hawaiians to warm the body, relax the muscles and reassure the spirit. Thanks to the properties of the stone to maintain the heat for a longer period of time, the massage gives a deeper and stronger effect than manual massage alone. Also, this massage is a gift for romance, mystery, mystic rituals.

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