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Special Full Body Massage

Special massage is a touch of hands and thought. The human body is not divided into separate parts of the body, but acts as a solid, harmonious whole. Hands perform relaxing massage movements, and thoughts concentrate on the person we touch.

Today, people are bothering themselves with the same body position for a long working day, doing too little exercise ... For these reasons, your whole body is unbalanced, some muscles are overloaded, others do not work all the time, the body is bent over the back, the organs shrink, the circulation of blood and lymph, the immune system weakens. Therefore, a holistic body massage will help eliminate muscle fatigue, stagnation, reassure and harmonize, relax the muscles of the body from stress or certain long-lasting negative emotions, improve blood circulation, tissue nutrition, and improve the overall body's condition. The massage eliminates fatigue, increased sensitivity, and insomnia, allowing the body to relax as much as possible. A holistic massage is especially soothing the nervous system, because nerves are a very complex and important system that sends brain signals to the entire body. Millions of nerve endings subjected to the body control the vast majority of body functions. Therefore, holistic massage is an important tool for strengthening the nervous system and maximizing relaxation.

Special full body massage

  • Back and shoulder massage.
  • A special massage of the whole body (chest, arms, legs and back) is carried out.
  • A special massage of the entire body (chest, arm, abdomen, leg and back) is performed.
  • A special massage of the whole body (greetings, body liberation ritual, neck, chest, hands, stomach, legs and back) is performed.

Massage is done by hand using natural massage oils - oil.

Relaxing Massage Cream - Oil removes stress, reduces muscle and joint pain after exercise. It contains coconut oil, vitamins A and E, lavender extract, beeswax.

Toning massage cream - oil improves blood circulation, elasticity of the skin, tones up. It contains cocoa butter, vitamins A and E, calendula extract, beeswax.

Strengthening massage cream - oil improves blood circulation, prevents stretch marks, smoothes and tightens the skin. It contains soya oil, vitamins A and E, eucalyptus essential oil, beeswax.

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