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Sports Massage

The introduction of a set of different exercises, sports massage is the key to the success of any athlete. The purpose of sports massage - the recovery of the body after severe physical activity. Unlike other types of massage, sports massage has an intense effect on blood vessels that supply blood to the muscle tissue, and therefore - an increase in the strength of each muscle.

They do not have different full-time teams for therapeutic massage. Since the massage plays a special role in the preparation of athletes as it alleviates physical and mental fatigue, it is a good preventive measure in the disease support - the motor system, and it increases efficiency. Especially effective sports massage, along with other rehabilitation techniques. Depending on the purpose of the sports massage, it is divided into training, the previous, restorative massage is performed sporting injuries.

Methods of action

The methodology of sports massage depends on the type of sport and the stress intensity. Sports massage can be described as a classic with prevalence receiving "warm". In fact, all massage techniques are performed with stronger pressures if the hand is at the top of the other side and produces more pressure. In some cases where manual massage does not give adequate results, then massage your feet.

Training massage - one of the elements of athletic sports training. Huge massage efficiency, which lasts two hours after training.

The previous sports massage should be done during warm-up before the game. The diminution massage takes the form of a liquid for a maximum of 25 minutes.

If you want to reduce the excitement and nervousness of the body, to produce a tonic or soothing massage. On the same techniques that use "stroke" and "shake". The purpose of tonic massage - the athlete gives new strength and energy.

During training and competition at low temperatures using warm-up sports massage, which uses sudden massage movements for 10 minutes (mixing, rubbing, defeating). Heating the massage increases the flow of blood to the muscle, which makes them zihrivaiutsia and become more flexible.

After intensive training or competition, the recovery of sports massage is carried out. The purpose of the massage - normalization of the heart and respiratory movements.

Any type of massage allows you to regain lost physical strength, can maintain a proper physical shape and optimistic mood.

The Impact sports massage

Every type of sports massage affects the muscles - in different ways: to stimulate or relax, tone or increase. Therefore, the purpose of the previous sports massage is to increase the functionality of different muscle groups and body before significant physical activity. During the previous massage exercise increases blood circulation in the muscle tissue, enhances blood circulation in the brain and heart, optimizes lung function.

Toning and soothing massage to eliminate tension is provided by athletes, lowers high blood pressure, heart rhythm and breathing after exercise.

When warming the massage massage moves your hand focused on warming the athlete's muscles by increasing the blood flow in them. This improves their motor activity.

Recovery sports massage is performed after important competitions or training leading to normalization of the heart and respiratory activity. Every type of massage in - its influence on the physical and emotional state of the athlete, and also acts as a preventive agent for sports injuries, overloading.

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